What Clients Have to Say

“The thing I appreciate most about Aimee is that she goes “all in” to understand your business - not only the key media outlets and reporters, but the competitors, your strategy and trends. This understanding leads to great media ideas that Aimee pursues relentlessly to get your stories covered.” – Leslie Tyler, Vice President of Marketing, Snapwiz

“Aimee has been a trusted and reliable partner to me at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants since I started in 2007 overseeing public relations and communications. I truly appreciate Aimee's thoughtful, strategic and insightful approach to PR. She's a master at thinking through story angles and helping us develop or strengthen them for optimal results. She's highly respected by our top leaders in the company. She's been an excellent resource for us in the area of media training for our executives. Her upbeat and friendly personality makes her a delight to work with always.” – Stacey Ellis, Senior Director of Communications, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

“Aimee works her butt off, pitches creatively, and the results speak for themselves.” – Kai Stinchcombe, CEO of True Link Financial

“I had the benefit and pleasure of working with Aimee for more than 10 years. Aimee is the consummate professional who combines a business understanding and approach with a reporter's and media expert's experience. Aimee played a leadership role in the development of my company's media strategy and execution resulting in regular and consistent coverage in the Wall St. Journal, ABC Television, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, CBS, USA Today, and all four major channels nightly news. Aimee is unusually easy to work with and is pleasure to interact with. She builds relationships with all levels of the organization and maintains great relationships in the media. When I think of an ideal partner to work with to help build a brand, I think of Aimee. She does everything you hope and want a partner to do, and with a positive can do attitude.” – Patrick Lashinsky, CEO of Taxi Magic (formerly CEO of ZipRealty)

What Media Have to Say

“I’ve worked with Aimee Grove on countless articles over the last eight years. What strikes me about her every time is her willingness to collaborate on stuff—not only after I’ve gotten an assignment but before I even pitch. She doesn’t just force sources and information my way; she asks me how and when I’d like to receive the material, then works around my preferences and schedule. Ultimately, this means Aimee Grove makes my life as a freelance writer easier. If only ever PR professional was this, well…professional, my job would be a dream.” – Matt Villano, Freelance Writer for Entrepreneur, USA Today and many more

 “Aimee is a consummate professional with whom I've worked for years. I highly recommend her talents and her integrity.” – Jon Swartz, USA Today San Francisco Bureau Chief

 “Aimee is one of the best PR professionals I've ever worked with. She does an amazing job defining client's specific goals and needs while providing journalists with relevant and memorable stories. She's a talented writer and gifted leader, who constantly exceeds expectations and inspires others.” – Jennifer Jolly, On-air Consumer Technology Expert and Personality